The tyre hotel store from Risboro Garage allows you to safely store your summer and winter tyres

We understand that some people are reluctant to own 2 sets of tyres (summer and winter) for their vehicle due to problems of storage and perceived extra costs involved.

At Risboro Garage we offer a solution with our FREE Tyre Hotel.

  • When you come in to buy your new Winter tyres, we will store your 'Summer' tyres for FREE, until the next season when we will then store your 'Winter tyres' for FREE.

  • The only cost to you will be the fitting and balancing charge at the time of changeover

  • Your tyres will be securely stored in our Tyre hotel.

  • Each tyre will be labelled and stored safely on our premises until you need them again.

We usually suggest that you switch to 'Winter' tyres around October/November and switch back to 'Summer' tyres around March / April.

So now you have no reason not to own a set of 'Summer' and 'Winter' tyres and no reason to go anywhere else!

Please speak to our staff for advice and further information.

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